A Remedy For…..

The most common question I get asked as a homeopath is, “can you recommend a remedy for (stress/eczema/insomnia/weight loss/chronic fatigue etc. etc.)”

Sometimes it is just that simple, if you crush your fingers in a car door for example, then a dose of Hypericum will help immediately, (and for weight loss see this page: weight loss but usually I have to explain that homeopathy is a bit more complicated than that, and for chronic problems, similar to those above you need a proper consultation. Read More

“I’m socially impaired, I’m the quiet one who sits back and listens”

Over a year ago, I had a Skype consultation with Patricia. She had a history of abuse and wanted help with depression. She said,

“Depression has plagued me for years but I ignored it, I had no idea what it was”.

Patricia had been bullied at school and said she felt angry at the whole world, Read More

Do You Suffer With Anxiety?

If I had to choose a favourite problem to treat it’s got to be anxiety and depression, the reason being that with homeopathic treatment the results are amazing, fast and life changing. Anxiety and depression are not the same, but there is definitely a link between them, and conventionally they are often treated with the same medication. In one study, for example 85% of those with major depression were also diagnosed with anxiety disorders. Read More

“I cried all the time and they just put me on more antidepressants”

Molly came to me with depression and chronic fatigue. She was a beautiful young woman aged 31 and had suffered with these symptoms since she was 14 – that’s over half her life! She had been prescribed many different medications for both of these diagnosed problems over the years, but wasn’t satisfied with the results Read More


Before Ryan was two he was diagnosed with one sided cerebral palsy and we were told he would never walk without intervention. Ryan is my grandson and is one of a twin. On the day we were told the news, Read More