Spotlight on Anxiety

I consider myself one of the least anxious people around, but drive me along a cliff edge or threaten me with a dental appointment and that changes completely.   Fortunately, the things that cause me anxiety can, for the most part be avoided or even eliminated from my life but I’ve spoken to so many people who feel that high level of anxiety doing what we might think of as every day activities, and as you can imagine, that is not only debilitating, but it sucks all the joy out of life.  The best description I had of experiencing this level of anxiety was from Simon, who described his experience:

“I’m anxious even picking the kids up from school. I feel like people think I’m pretending or faking it, it’s a paralysing feeling, fight or flight. All I have to do is go out of the house and walk down the road but it’s like an extreme fear, as if there’s an intruder in your house and you’re upstairs hiding or you have to do something really important, life saving and you can’t do it. Like your house is burning and your kids are up there and you have to climb this huge ladder to get them down and you can’t.”

You can read Simon’s story here:

Other people have described their experience to me like this:

“When the anxiety gets too much to bear my body freaks out and I panic inside.  It’s totally overwhelming”

“I have constant low grade anxiety the whole time, a fluttery feeling, a feeling of having to hurry, get on with it, being scared”.

“I have a huge fear of making a mistake.  What if I say the wrong thing?  Do the wrong thing? I always wake up with it, that “I’m about to sit an exam feeling.”

“I feel the anxiety every second of my life, and when I have a panic attack I don’t know what to do with myself, don’t recognise myself in the mirror, hot flushes, shaking, scared – think this is it, I’m going mad. “

“I worry about everything now, puberty just broke me.  The worst time is just before bed, a feeling a lot of dread.  I feel it at the centre of my stomach, it makes me feel sick, my stomach churns and makes noises, I feel heavy, can’t breathe, get a lump in my throat and then I worry about everything.  I can’t leave the house some days.”

“I feel anxious, I pace a lot, can’t sit still, I feel my whole body going; I have to pretend to be normal.”

Do any of those statements resonate with you?  If so, this is a problem that can be helped without drugs.  One lady who suffered with terrible anxiety came back after only one month and said:

“I felt very calm and relaxed after the remedy.  I’d say my anxiety is now about 80% better”

I’ve had so much similar feedback like this (you can see some case studies here:  Below are a few ideas I have which may help and whilst homeopathy is my first choice, there are other ideas below which some find very helpful:

1. Homeopathy for Anxiety

There are so many things which can help somewhat, and a few ideas are found below. I’m a little biased, but I believe the best long term answer is homeopathy and although the best remedy is the remedy aimed at you, here are my top 5 and some of their indications to see if you think they fit you and your symptoms.  To get long term help you will almost certainly need help from a homeopath to find a personalised remedy.

a) Gelsemium

A great remedy for performance anxiety that leads to weakness and trembling.  You may feel paralysed and helpless, unable to cope, want to escape the ordeal.  Think of this if you are sitting an examination, driving test or performing somehow.

b) Aconite

Aconite is one of the best remedies for fear or outright panic. Symptoms are sudden, intense and may follow a shock such as an accident or disaster. You might feel agitated, restless, and fearful. You imagine that you are about to die. You can get a dry mouth and pounding heart.  Going to the dentist or for an operation might bring this sort of fear on.

c) Arsenicum

If your anxiety focuses on security and safety, or what will happen in the future, then consider this remedy.  You might worry too much about your health or your finances and so become overly careful.  If you are a very neat and tidy person and very chilly then Arsenicum will help you.

d) Calcarea-carbonica

If you need this remedy you might have a fear of change and like routine.  You might appear stubborn, but you are generally a gentle mild person who hates hearing about cruelty and your fears might include the dark and some animals – especially mice, rats or insects.  You may also tire easily when you exert yourself and sweat easily – even during sleep. 

e) Argentum-nitricum

If this remedy suits you then the more you dwell on the thing you are anxious about then the worse it becomes.  You start imagining, ‘what if?’  You feel hot and hurried and you crave sweet things which might lead to diarrhea and flatulence which you are prone to when you get anxious.  Your anxiety might become worse if you get too hot and you will feel better in the fresh air away from crowds.

Other ideas to help Anxiety

Energy work: These are simple moves working on your meridians and other energy paths. There are two that are especially helpful to help with anxiety and stress. The first is called ‘Triple warmer smoothie’ where you lay your fingers over your eyes, breathe in deeply and drag your hands back to your temples, take another deep breathe in and move your hands behind your ears, down to your shoulders and then to your heart chakra. The second, even simpler move is called ‘The hook up’ where you put one finger in your belly button, and another over your third eye area, use a very light pressure, breathe in and push upwards with both fingers for up to one minute. You can google these, or find videos showing you how to do these on you-tube.

Essential oils:  These really suit some people.  Two great oils to help anxiety are lavender or Bergamot.  Doterra do an oil blend called Serenity which is lovely and calming.  There is lots of information on line about these oils and others.

EFT tapping: There are lots of You tube videos and other information online about this.  It’s well worth delving into if you haven’t tried it before.  It’s free and there are no side effects so you have little to lose!

Herbs: The most calming herb is Chamomile, but there is also Lavender or Lemon Balm among others.  Rescue Remedy is enormously helpful for some people, but doesn’t help others at all.  I’ve always found independent Health stores to be very knowledgeable about the products they stock.

If you suffer with anxiety, I’d recommend trying any of these things to help you.  Do get in touch with me for more permanent help.  Often only one or two consultations are needed and I’d love to help. You can find South Devon Homeopathy on facebook or text me on 07725 520476