Homeopathy For A Happy Christmas

As today is turning out to be VERY STRESSFUL – I’ve decided to do a Christmas holiday post to help bring back the Christmas spirit – into my life at least!  Let me explain…. Today – the new roof was going to go onto my consultation roof – my current one leaks and has been an ongoing problem since we moved here in the spring, and the roof, (large deposit paid 3 months ago) was promised the first week in December, but the weather has been awful so I accepted without too much stress that it has been a bit delayed.  We emptied my consulting room at the weekend, having checked on Friday afternoon that all was on track for today, we squeezed everything into the house – no mean feat I can tell you – and yesterday, at the end of the day they told me, sorry – it can’t be done until the 9th January because of the rain forecast tomorrow.  There is no rain today – at all ….. so this is what I looked like this morning when I rang the roofing company to point out that it was a beautiful day and request my new roof.  All to no avail however so I must wait patiently until 9th January and either put everything back temporarily or cope with my consulting room crammed into my dining room!

So, let’s look forward to some Christmas Celebrations with absolutely no stress at all!  But – just in case, here are a few homeopathic tips to help you out should the need arise……

Hangover or Over Indulgence?

Nux-vomica 200C is the well known ‘hangover’ remedy and is probably the main remedy to have on standby to treat symptoms such as headaches or vomiting following excessive drinking.  The typical feeling you would have if you need this remedy is “I’d feel better if only I could be sick”.  It’s also excellent if you’ve over indulged in food and feel this way.


Nat-phos 6X is fabulous to help with indigestion, heartburn or over acidity.  This milder dose works better than anti-acids but you need to repeat it half hourly for a while.  If you have it in 30C or 200C, try taking a single dose.

Food Poisoning?

Arsenicum is a great remedy for food poisoning, especially from meat.  There might be vomiting and diarrhoea, often accompanies by chilliness, restlessness and exhaustion.

Pulsatilla is the other option to consider, more so if you’ve been eating too much rich creamy food or fish that hasn’t agreed with you.


Coffea 30C might be the remedy to turn to if you cannot sleep due to excitement or if you’ve had a stimulant too close to bedtime.  Alternatively Passiflora 30C – one taken before bedtime is a natural aid to a good night’s sleep.


Christmas isn’t always the happiest time for everyone.  If you are alone, or if it brings up very sad remedies for you Ignatia 200C is a wonderful remedy to help bring you into the present and ease the pain a little.

Sleep Deprivation?

Staying up late, cramming work in, shopping, attending parties – depriving yourself of sleep for whatever reason?  The remedy Coccolus 30C can help.

I do hope you all have a very stress free and happy Christmas – do let me know if these tips help you over the holiday period.