What A Difference 3 Months Can Make

Sarah came to see me 6 months ago suffering mainly with anxiety, but also nausea, headaches and hormonal problems. She’d been visiting doctors for years to try and get help and had given up hoping until a friend recommended she came to me. Just see the improvement she made within 3 months or so:

First Appointment:

“I’ve always wanted to fix everything, I’m always running around doing everything for everyone. As I’ve got older I’ve challenged that intellectually.”

“People always seem to want so much from me, I seem to see the world in a whole different way from most people.”

“I’m over sensitive and suffer a lot with anxiety. The anxiety always makes me feel sick, actually I feel nauseous most of the time and I have a terrible fear of being sick. I get hormonal headaches and the nausea is a lot worse monthly too. My periods are heavy and I often bleed in between them too.”

“I have a lot of food sensitivities – I eat a very clean diet, and as soon as I step out of it I’m ill. Because of all this I only do safe things. I can’t enjoy the things that other people do and I miss out on a lot of stuff. Eating out is impossible, I can’t go on long journeys, can’t do crowds – even going into a supermarket is very difficult for me.”

“I’m pretty fearful generally – as well as my health I worry about money, about people I love dying, disasters, changes in anything that will stop me coping. I’m afraid of spiders and snakes, hate being in crowds. Probably lots of other things too!”

I prescribed Sarah a remedy called Calcarea-carbonica, it had all of her symptoms and fears in as well as a huge desire to be kept safe which Sarah mentioned a few times during our time together.

1st follow up one month later:

“I definitely feel like the edge has been taken off everything. My energy levels are a bit better, I feel a bit more stable. I don’t need as much sleep now, in fact I felt I was hugely improved until last week then I began getting anxious again and crying for no reason.”

I repeated the remedy.

2nd follow up 5 weeks later:

“The nausea has not been as bad. Last week we went on a two hour drive. I didn’t feel great when we left, but I couldn’t even have considered it a few months ago. I had a bad episode on the way home, felt very sick, panicky, I don’t know why but once I’d got home it settled, I recovered quickly, it wasn’t as bad as before.”

“My periods have been better than before and no bleeding in between.”

“My energy has been really good but it’s dipped a bit now.”

I repeated the remedy again, but this time in a stronger dose.

3rd follow up one month later:

“I’m really pleased with the progress I’ve made. I’ve had no bleeding between my period again, I’ve had a few headaches, but I recovered from them faster than I used to.”

“I’m coping much better. There’s stills stuff that overwhelms me. Like, travelling abroad. Being away from home, not being well. But just recently I have been thinking about it for the first time. Nausea is much better than it used to be, I don’t think I’ve really felt sick for the past month or so.”

“I’m feeling better, not dwelling on the past like I used to. I see things for what they are – been sorting out the house, getting rid of stuff I don’t want to hang on to.”

“I’m better in crowds now, they don’t seem to phase me so going shopping and normal things like that aren’t a problem anymore.”

“Headaches are better than they were, I still get the odd one that may be stress related, but the worst ones are hormone related – even they aren’t as bad as they used to be.” 

Within about three months Sarah has made a huge improvement, and has continued to improve since. Improvement is slow which actually fits in with the remedy she has taken – remember that she has been visiting doctors and other therapists for nearly ten years with no noticeable improvement at all, so she is delighted.

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