A Life Changing Remedy For A Beautiful Teenager

A 16 year old girl I’ll call Alex came to see me last year,

“I’m depressed all the time; it’s just easier to smile than explain what I feel like.”

Alex felt worse around too many people, around noise and in any stressful situations, an example of which was when something was not where it was supposed to be. She had no motivation to do anything and couldn’t sleep, she said her mind just went over and over stupid things like, ‘why is the moon round?’ Alex also suffered from panic attacks:

“Over anything, my brain just decides to have a panic attack and I need to withdraw from the situation”.

“The voices start it”, she explained and if she was already depressed that too could trigger the voices off.

“It feels like you’re drowning or you’re dead and you’re alive, a misty dream, like you want to get away from it, everything around you is getting closer and closer and you can’t breathe.”

All this started when she began to be bullied at school a couple of years ago. Alex continued,

“I get headaches and migraines too – especially with the voices, it sometimes feels like the voices control the headaches. They are there all the time they are bearable in the day, then it gets worse. If I try and talk to the voices they shout over me, it’s always negative stuff they say to me.”

Alex had attempted suicide a couple of times and regularly self harmed so you can imagine that feeling like this was not only awful for her, but also hugely affected her family. And then, just when I thought she had enough to cope with Alex also admitted that her OCD tendencies didn’t help either.

“It’s like if someone writes with blue and black ink on the same page – I need to get away, it makes it very hard at school.”

I first gave Alex Stramonium, it had all the symptoms and the intensity I’d expect to see in this remedy. It did nothing – absolutely nothing and when that happens I know I’ve missed by a mile!

So, back to the drawing board, I looked into a few other symptoms, Alex also hated being hugged,

“It feels like I’m being strangled”

she admitted. She loved all animals, preferred them to humans in fact and, her confidence was very low. She described herself as a real people pleaser – and never felt as good as anyone else.

I prescribed Lac-caninum – a bit hesitantly to be honest, I had never seen, or imagined anyone needing that remedy could be in such an intense state, but so much fitted.

I saw Alex again about 8 weeks after her first appointment, just a few weeks ago. She came in and hugged me. Yes – HUGGED me! She said she felt so much better already, had not self harmed for about a month (and that had been her regular coping mechanism) and she was looking into colleges to make a new start.

I was delighted, and felt I had learned a great lesson here. She chatted away telling me about her plans and how her sister was still getting on her nerves. She never mentioned headaches – or OCD – or insomnia – or the voices and for once, I didn’t ask. She was clearly so much happier I just wanted her to enjoy it. This remedy clearly had helped and I knew she’d be back if she needed to. I bumped into her mum a few days ago who gave me the good news that she’s still doing really well. That remedy – made from the milk from a dog has been life changing, not only for Alex, but for her whole family. Could anything be more simple, more cost effective or more life changing?

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