Sophie’s Story

Sophie was 17 when she first came to see me in the November of 2015, suffering with asthma. Notice the gradual improvement in all of her symptoms over the next 18 months throughout her treatment:

“I was taken to hospital with difficulty breathing when I was a baby and I’ve had asthma since then. Now it seems to happen every year, it comes as a cold in the autumn and moves to my chest and then I struggle to get it off my chest. It’s worse when I exercise and worse when I go out in the cold, I really notice a difference in my chest then. I have it every winter, most of the winter, I’ve been hospitalised with it every year since I can remember”.

I took a detailed case history, the details around her asthma were fairly common so to find a remedy to suit Sophie I needed a few other details. I discovered that she had always caught colds very easily and had many each year and she had some food intolerances and anxieties, but asthma was her main concern. She continued,

“It feels horrible. When you try to breathe, it’s like someone’s pushing down on your chest, not allowing you to take a deep breath. The bottom of my lungs hurts, a constricted, cramping pain, like someone clenching it. I’m not bothered about it until it affects me. I know it’s doing whatever it does under the surface but I don’t think about it. I don’t like being ill, the whole process is horrible”.

I gave Sophie two remedies, a remedy aimed at her personally and a remedy called Tuberculinum, mainly aimed at her asthma symptoms as I could see many indications for that as well. Two months later she returned:

“My asthma has been much better, and the cold I had is more or less gone. I still occasionally cough though. The first remedy you gave me did help but then it all came back and the Tuberculinum really cleared out a lot of stuff. I think that one was better”.

6 months later Sophie came back, now in the summer and reported:

“I’m getting a sinusy feeling with a headache. My nose is blocked at the top, and I’m always blowing it to try and clear it. I know it’s not hay fever because it doesn’t go in the evening and my nose isn’t running like it did when I had hay fever. My energy has dipped too, I feel more tired than I should”.

2 months later she returned, now a year after her first appointment:

“My chest feels a little constricted, a little wheezy, it’s as if something’s there, loose, phlegm, a slight cough. Overall I feel well though, my energy is better and I don’t think about things much, I just thought I’d come before things got any worse.”

2 months later:

“The last remedy was very good, I’ve been much better for quite a while. Until 4 days ago I felt really great, and normally by this time of the year I’ve spent weeks in bed with breathing problems. I’m so much better. I don’t use an inhaler anymore, not since last year when I first saw you. I still have a lingering occasional cough and I’ve got the sniffles. 4 days ago got my first headache since seeing you last time. I repeated the remedy but it hasn’t helped. My chest is beginning to feel constricted, there’s a tightness when I take deep breaths so I only notice it if I exercise or run”.

Sophie remained well throughout the winter and didn’t return until 6 months later at the beginning of July:

“The last remedy sorted things out straight away, I had a great winter, got a bit snuffly and I was worried for a few days that it would turn into something but it didn’t. Normally my hay fever starts in the spring and it just started last week”.

If you would like your asthma to improve before winter comes give me a call on 07725 520476 and see how homeopathy can help you.