Are You Finding Life Depressing Right Now?

As we’re now well into our second lockdown here in the UK and facing a very different Christmas I have recently talked to lots of people whose mental health has definitely been affected by all that is going on.

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Healing Your Teeth

For most of my life I believed that healing tooth decay was impossible and that the only way to sort out our dental problems was to visit a dentist and expect a filling or extraction.  However, I’ve discovered that we can heal tooth decay and solve other dental problems, both through diet and supplements and by using homeopathy. Read More

Spotlight on Anxiety

I consider myself one of the least anxious people around, but drive me along a cliff edge or threaten me with a dental appointment and that changes completely.   Fortunately, the things that cause me anxiety can, for the most part be avoided or even eliminated from my life but I’ve spoken to so many people who feel that high level of anxiety doing what we might think of as every day activities, and as you can imagine, that is not only debilitating, but it sucks all the joy out of life.  The best description I had of experiencing this level of anxiety was from Simon, who described his experience: Read More

Homeopathy and Headaches

Many things cause headaches but one of the most common is stress and tension.  According to doctors 85% of our headaches are blamed on this, so, to prevent reaching for painkillers, perhaps you could consider a homeopathic remedy.  They have no side effects and if matched to the symptoms properly, they work remarkably well.  These are a few of our most common remedies for headaches with a few of their indications (in alphabetical order only).  Whilst they will help with the pain, to get rid of chronic headaches you may need to have constitutional homeopathic care with a homeopath. Read More

Staying Happy During Lockdown!

It’s been a strange few weeks.  We’re all stuck inside – or breaking rules and sneaking out for non-essentials, but however we’re coping with this lock down it really is different to life as we have known it so far. Read More

I’m on overload…..

Meet Sharon. She came to me just over a month ago, before this whole global situation kicked off. She was suffering from stress and anxiety and came looking for some relief. What is interesting is that now the world looks a whole lot scarier, yet she’s fine. First, some of the things she said at her initial consult: Read More

Antimonium-tart – Our no. 1 remedy!

Ant-tart is an interesting remedy for a few reasons. First, it’s a remedy that we, as homeopaths usually only think of for coughs. Few of us have delved into the mental and emotional picture of this remedy, and as you may know, the closer we can match a remedy to our patients, the better it will work. Read More

How To Protect Yourself

The 2019 Corona virus is reported as being 96% identical to the 2002 SARS virus, although to date (26th February 2020) the death toll from one report was given as 2,600 out of 80,000 confirmed cases which has far exceeded the 2002 virus where 774 died out of the 8,098 people who were infected. Read More