Pregnancy & Childbirth – What Homeopathy Can Do For You

Homeopathy is amazing during pregnancy, childbirth  and breastfeeding and has a special advantage because most mothers want to avoid any toxic medication during that time and remedies are exceptionally safe and effective. A wonderful part of my job is to help bring a lovely healthy baby into the world and as my daughter safely delivered her 10th baby last week (yes – that should be a blog post in itself!) I’m in a good place to know all about some really helpful remedies even though my childbearing days are over. Read More

Struggling With Depression? It’s Time To Try Homeopathy

Depression is one of the most debilitating, yet one of the most misunderstood problems around. Is it a disease? Is it a chemical imbalance? Is it a brain dysfunction? Why do so many people suffer from it now when it wasn’t as common years ago and what causes it? There are many more questions – but not very many satisfactory answers! Read More

A Journey From Ill Health to ‘Powerful and Happy’

Last year Lucy came to see me suffering mainly with depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue.

She told me that she’d been depressed since being a teenager but it was finally diagnosed when she had a baby and had bad post natal depression over 10 years ago.  Medications helped a bit but she became more anxious and started suffering with panic attacks. Read More