Kids Speak

If you’ve been to a homeopath before you’ll know that we ask lots of searching questions – we’re not just nosy, there really is a reason for it, and your answers help us find the remedy that will help you. As you can imagine kids just give the best answers – funny, unexpected and sometimes profound. Here’s a few of my favourites:

Ben, age 4
“I don’t get stressed because I’m not a grown up. Children don’t get stressed, they just get sad when their mummy and daddy tell them off”.

Alisa, age 8
“I want a baby sister, so I can be older. I hate being the youngest, you can’t do anything. It feels like everyone’s having fun and I’m just sat at home with mum”.

Anna, age 6
“I like being lonely sometimes because when you’re lonely you’re never left out and you can always do what you want to do”.

Olivia, age 6
“I’m kind and pretty. If you’re ugly and kind it’s OK, but if you’re pretty but you think ‘I’m better than you’ that’s not nice at all”.

Sam, age 7
“I wish I was grown up. Jobs have ruined my life for me. Being a kid is really hard. You have to do these chores and it’s very lonely….. I wish I was a dog then I wouldn’t have to do any chores. You don’t have to do much when you’re a dog”.

Jonathan, age 8
“When people annoy me it feels like I’m getting pumped up. Every time the anger is getting higher and higher until the anger just bursts out of me”.

Millie, age 5 (in answer to my question, what’s the worst thing to ever happen to you?)
“Dad said he would cook me pasta but instead he cooked rice”.

And the same question to 9 year old Katie:
The worst thing would be if you were going out to play and someone took you and they never fed you and you slowly died of starvation and they never let you go outside, you had no toys and no one saw you and your parents didn’t even care enough to look for you.

Robbie, age 8 (in answer to my question, what’s the best thing to ever happen to you?)
“I was born”

Jack, age 4
It’s confusing when my mum isn’t around because I don’t know who’s looking after me.

Lara, age 9
“I don’t like surprises, I like knowing what everyone is going to do. If someone was going to hit me I’d like to know because then I could jump out of the way”.

Alex, age 10
“My mum is always doing housework or reading or something. I feel like arghhh I want a new mum! It’s boring having a mum like this! (Said with mum sat right next to her of course!)

Bradley, age 7
I’m scared of aliens because they eat people and I think they’d look at me and think mmmmm and lick their lips because I taste good.

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