“I Feel Fat Vile and Disgusting”

Paula came to me with a number of problems, one of which was a distorted body image. She said that since being about 14 she’d had an eating disorder,

“not bulimia or anorexia, but I’d eat 15 chocolate bars and then take some laxatives.”

She said it surfaced a few times a year when she’d wake up feeling fat, vile and disgusting. She also suffered with bad PMT, although most of the time she was very bubbly and outgoing. Each month for a week she felt

“very grouchy, very depressed – but I just put up with it, it’s only a week, it’ll pass.”

Paula found winter much worse than summertime; the sun cheered her she said. She was also a great people pleaser, putting an enormous amount of effort into seeing all of her friends and family were OK, sorting out their worries and organising things for everyone. She felt very unappreciated in her efforts and it put her under a lot of strain.

As well as this, bad headaches had previously led to surgery and the operation had somehow affected her sight in one eye which was still red and sore, leaving everything blurred ever since.

I prescribed Paula a remedy and she returned 5 weeks later, this was her report:

“I felt very low for a few days, no improvement anywhere then I felt brilliant. We’ve had a rough couple of weeks with a death in the family and I should have PMT right now. Normally I’m horrible and I just feel a tiny bit low, but that might even be the amount of stress I’m under now. My eyes have been amazing – so much better. It took nearly a week, but now I can wear contacts. The redness has all gone, the dryness completely gone … it’s amazing. Once the depression cleared I felt amazing, so much more confident, not so worried about what other people would think of me”.

Can you relate to any of the feelings Paula had? What I found interesting was that she appeared to have everything; she was beautiful and was surrounded by friends and family, she also had a great career, and yet all these inner feelings were gnawing away at her preventing her from feeling happy, and I’m sure contributing to the physical problems she had – which the remedy also improved. Homeopathy really is that good – those little pills, if they are correctly prescribed, give your body the information it needs to sort out the problems it has and you naturally heal both inside and out.

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