Cell Salt Remedies

Everyone’s body is made of the same basic stuff. All living things, large or small, plant or animal, are made up of cells, and each individual cell of your body is a marvellous organism that selects or rejects substances to maintain health.

When disease or irritation is present the cell loses this ability and once they lack certain nutrients a cellular imbalance is created. By taking a cell salt remedy, you are supplying a micro-nutrient enabling your body to rebuild itself on the cellular level. As the active ingredient is so minute, it is easier it is for it to enter the cells and has a more powerful effect on cellular function than many other supplements.

Because cell salt remedies are so simple you can learn how to use them to help your family with many health problems. There are only 12 cell salt remedies to learn about and even if your body has no need of a particular cell salt you may be taking, no damage will be done, making them a perfect way to improve your family’s health. I would recommend you purchase your cell salts in a 6x or 12 x potency.
Below are the twelve cell salt remedies and some things you can use them for:

1. Calc-fleur: This is useful for strengthening bones and teeth as well as restoring or maintaining the elasticity of the connective tissues in the body, skin and the blood vessels. It is helpful in treating varicose veins and haemorrhoids and is often recommended to overweight people, to be taken an hour before each meal in alternation with calc-phos as these 2 cell salts will help assimilate the starches and fats in the meals.

2. Calc-phos: This promotes healthy cellular activity and plays a major role in the health of the muscular, skeletal, excretory and lymphatic systems. It is one of the first cell salts to take if you are feeling run down as well as the main remedy for children who are not growing or developing properly. This cell salt tends to enhance the action of other cell salts in promoting healthy cellular function and restoring tone to weakened organs and tissues and is known for its restorative powers after acute diseases and infections. It is very helpful for people who catch colds easily and for many disorders of the reproductive organs, especially in women.

3. Calc-sulph: This remedy is useful in protecting the stomach walls as well as the eyeballs, nasal passages, mouth, throat, bladder and any other organs that need protection against moisture. It is a great healer of wounds and skin problems and works well with silica to heal wounds that discharge pus – promoting healing. It can also be useful in treating some types of rheumatism as it is an important element in the body’s connective tissues.

4. Ferrum-phos: This carries oxygen throughout the bloodstream and strengthens the walls of the blood vessels, and arteries. It is the first cell salt to consider in cases of anaemia. Because oxygen rich blood is essential to vital health, ferrum-phos is critical where there is congestion, inflammation, or fever. Ferrum-phos makes iron available to the cells in minute doses, thus bypassing the side effects (such as mineral build up or constipation) of taking iron in large amounts. It purifies the blood and helps to regulate the immune function so, taking it often improves overall health and energy.

5. Mag-phos: When combined with Calc-phos and Kali-phos this is an excellent tonic for the nerves and can be very helpful in pain relief. Mag-phos helps rebuild the nerves and helps harden dental enamel. It is needed by the brain, heart and muscles to relax so it is helpful in cases of cramping, muscle spasm, and muscle tightness.

6. Kali-mur: This is an important constituent of the muscles, nerve cells and brain cells. It is the cell salt responsible for building fibrin which is an essential part of the formation of blood clots. It is most helpful in treating chronic ailments, especially where severe inflammation is involved and can help destroy bacterial waste products when the body is fighting a fever or infection. It should be taken after the fever has broken and the body must begin the process of convalescence and rebuilding its health. It acts as a blood thinner and can help restore normal blood flow through the arteries. It should be taken routinely, along with Ferrum-phos for colds and other catarrhal conditions. It is also effective, along with Calc-sulph, for certain kinds of rheumatism. Applied externally, potassium chloride is useful in controlling blistering when used on burns and scalds.

7. Kali-phos: This has been found to help people suffering from psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, and irritability. It helps cure headaches and restores healthy sleep patterns. It is also prescribed for memory loss and dementia associated with aging.

8. Kali-sulph: This works with Ferrum-phos to help carry oxygen throughout the bloodstream and into the cells. Its main duty is to build new cells when the old ones have been damaged or killed due to disease. This remedy is nearly always suggested for skin problems, often in combination with other remedies. It is often effective in treating asthma, especially bronchial asthma. It has been successful in helping people recover their senses of taste and smell when they have been suffering from nose and throat infections.

9. Silica: Silica is a powerful cleanser and eliminator of toxins. It can assist the body in throwing off toxins and curing infections. It helps eliminate pus from boils and abscesses and is a tonic for hair and skin. It also relieves swelling and heat in joints and has been used successfully to dissolve the uric acid deposits of arthritis and gout.

10. Natrum-mur: This remedy regulates the passage of fluids in the body. It is effective in relieving headaches and reducing high blood pressure.

11. Natrum-phos: This remedy helps in the decomposition of lactic acid and the emulsification of fatty acids. It helps reduce acidity and is helpful in ailments such as gout, back pain, muscle aches and indigestion. It can also help in some cases of rheumatism, often used alongside ferrum-phos. The homeopathic anti-acid tablet!

12. Natrum-sulph: This remedy helps many digestive problems and helps regulate liver function. It especially helps with ailments which are aggravated or caused by dampness, including asthma.